What do I need to set-up my den area?

Your den area will serve as your den’s “home base”. To make it the most efficient, we recommend:
• Canopy, EZ up or tarp to provide shade or rain shelter
• Folding table
• Folding or camp chairs (have each boy bring their own)
• Younger dens might like old towels and blankets to rest on
• Coolers for drinks and lunches. You will need to bring ice daily.
(Freezing large juice bottles or 2 liter soda bottles works great and keeps things from getting soggy.)
• Water cooler & cups (better yet, have boys bring water bottles to refill all day)
• Hand washing station supplies, wipes or hand sanitizer
• Paper towels

Den leaders should arrange to set up their den area the day before camp. Each den area will be marked off. To find your assigned spot, just look for your den number on the posted signs. There are more than 60 dens in this area, so labeling all of your supplies will help when everyone is in close quarters during the week. Some leaders choose to decorate their den area according to the camp theme or their den name. It’s your home away from home for the week, do whatever you like to make it work for you and your den.

What tips do others have for me as a den leader/assistant den leader?

Below are some suggestions from experienced den leaders that you may find helpful for the week:

• Wagon or Rolling cooler. This will be indispensable! You usually don’t return to the den area after each station. This is a great method for holding all the projects that you will accumulate, as well as water bottles, snacks, etc.
• Treats for Scouts (i.e. lollipops, licorice, etc.) This helps while waiting for your turn at a station or other times when you need them still for a short time.
• Sharpened pencils or pens.
• Masking or duct tape (you’d be surprised what you will tape!)
• Felt, markers or other supplies to decorate your den flag.
• Rank Handbook (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos)
• Active (like beach balls, Frisbees, etc) and quiet (travel games, puzzles, coloring/activity books) toys for den time.
• Squirt bottles filled with water. Great for cooling off the boys on those really hot days.
• A large Rubbermaid like tote makes a good overnight storage solution for den items.

What’s a “den box” and where do I get one?

A den box is a large tote box containing all the administrative items for your den that are supplied by day camp. The den box is also our method of communicating and distributing information to the den leaders each day. Each morning, the den leader (or designated person) should pick up their den box from the Crouse building (up the path past the restrooms). Den boxes should be returned to the Crouse building at the close of camp each day where any necessary items for the next day will be deposited by the Day Camp Committee.

Den boxes will include:
• T-shirts for scouts (2 each) and adult volunteers
• Hats
• Bags
• Patches
• Names tags (along with plastic bags and pins) for scouts and 4 & 5 day volunteers
• Wristbands for any "less than 4 day" volunteers
• Sharpie
• Pen
• Clipboard
• 2 Sign-in Sheets (one copy to be signed by parents and turned in during opening ceremonies and one copy for your daily use)
• Sign-out Sheet (leave in your den box after all of your den has been picked-up and signed out)
• Master schedule
• Station map
• Emergency Plan map
• Emergency contact numbers
• Den Leader guide
Den Leader Helps