Den Leader:
Along with an assistant den leader and, in some instances, other den helpers, is responsible for chaperoning the boys while at camp. You will be responsible for gathering supplies for and setting up your den area at camp. You will escort boys to each of the stations and help them complete the station if needed. You should also be prepared with some den time activities for down time (we will provide you with a guidebook during training). Cub Scout rank handbook is a great source of ideas for activities that are fun and will meet some of their requirements. You do not have to be a registered BSA leader to act as day camp den leader, but Youth Protection Training is required. This position requires a 5 day volunteer.

Assistant Den Leader/Den Helper:
Works with the den leader to chaperone the boys during the week of camp. See Den Leader position above. To meet the “2 deep leadership” standard required by BSA, each den needs an assistant den leader. This position can be shared by more than one volunteer. Youth Protection Training is required.

Tag-A-Long Den Leader:
Will be responsible for a Tag-A-Long den at camp. Tag-A-Longs are boys and girls aged 4 – 11. Dens are usually made up of the same gender and age children. Tag leaders and assistant leaders spend most of the day in and around the Tag Building, which is a permanent structure at camp. You will escort the children to various stations (some of the same ones the scouts go to and some special ones just for Tags) and help them complete activities. This position is best served by a 5 day volunteer. Youth Protection Training is required.

Tag-A-Long Assistant Den Leader:
Works with the Tag-A-Long Den Leader to chaperone a den of Tag-A-Longs during the week of camp. See Tag-A-Long Den Leader above. To meet the “2 deep leadership” standard required by BSA, each den needs an assistant den leader. This position can be shared by more than one volunteer. Youth Protection Training is required. 
Station Volunteers:
Uses the materials and information provided to deliver a high quality program at the specific station he/she is assigned. Since the Station Leader is considered the expert to those visiting the station, prior review of the station information will be helpful. Requests help from den leaders in keeping boys on-task and assisting the boys in the activity as needed. In many instances, the Boy Scout will run the station. In this case, please only lend assistance to help him be successful as the leader.

Shooting Sports Range Officers:
This position requires additional BSA range training. Training will be arranged by Day Camp and held sometime in mid spring. Range officers must make safety their first concern and are in charge of the shooting sport assigned to them (BB,  Archery, or Sling Shot).

Facilities Helper:
Works with the Facilities Director to maintain a safe and sanitary operating environment for the day camp program. Ensures water stations are adequately supplied and waste management procedures are followed.

Assists the Safety Director is providing a safe and secure environment for camp. Provide traffic and parking direction. Assist in carrying out procedures for severe weather, stranger in camp, as well as other camp emergencies.

Medical Staff:
The medical staff spends most of their day in the medical pavilion providing first aid to campers and volunteers, administering medications, and maintaining the first aid log. Nurses, EMT’s and other medical professionals are needed, as well as volunteers who are not in the medical profession but have had first aid training. 
Volunteer Opportunities
As you can imagine, it takes a lot of people to successfully run a camp of this size.  We are all volunteers, mostly the families of the cubs attending. But, there are lots of folks who volunteer just because they see the value of cub scouts and the camp.    No matter what your skills or how much time you can devote to volunteering.....we have a place for you!  If you are unable to volunteer during camp, there are plenty of behind the scenes jobs that can be done in the evening or in the weeks leading up to camp.   Camp set-up (on June 21st) and breakdown (on June 26th) require a lot of hands too.  If you don't see something here that suits you, contact us to help find the perfect spot.  It'll be worth it.  Seeing 700 happy campers.....priceless!