Shooting Sports:  Archery, BB, Slingshots
​Arts & Crafts
​Capture the Flag
​​​​​​​GaGa Ball​
Geocaching/Map & Compass
Team Building Games
Lego Building Challenge (7 Wonders)
Human Fooseball
Leather Working
Obstacle Course & Hackey Sack Challenge
Ma & Pa Trail Exploration
Futbol (Soccer)
Escape Room
Water Games
Web I - Art Explosion
Web I - Paracord Bracelet
Web I - Into the Wild I (Bat Boxes)
Web I - Into the Wild II (Owl Pellets)
Web I - Into the Wild III (Animal Habitats)
Web I - Stronger, Faster, Higher
Web I - Cast Iron Chef (Intn'l Style)
Web I - Earth Rocks!
Web I - First Responder I, II, III
Web I - Fix It! (Car Wash & Check)
Web I - Fix It! (Bicycle Repair)
Web I - Aware & Care
Web II - Engineer I (Blueprints & Building)
Web II - Engineer II (Catapults)
​​​​​​​​​​​Web II - Into the Woods I (Intro to Forestry)
Web II​ - Into the Woods II - Tree & Plant ID
Web II - Science I  (Electricity)
Web II - ​​Science II (Chemical Reactions)
Web II - Science II (Rocket Building)
Web II - Science III (Rocket Launch)
Web II - Castaway I (Cooking & Fire Safety)
Web II - Castaway (​​​​Hiking Safety)
Web II - Woodworking (Walking Stave)