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Harford District 2024 Cubs of the Roundtable
Pack Coordinator Role/Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to coordinate Day Camp Registration for your pack! Considering that our District's Day Camp goal is to have 300 Cubs, over 100 youth volunteers, and over 100 adult volunteers, your role is extremely important in helping the registration process go smoothly.
  • Actively promote Day Camp participation and volunteers within your Pack. You will be provided with a sample email that you can distribute to your pack. Flyers were distributed at Roundtable too.
  • Act as the liaison between your Pack and the Day Camp Registrar. Tell us what your pack desires for your scouts as far as den grouping and leadership. We will try to accommodate you whenever possible!
  •  Provide direction and support to the parents in your Pack during the registration process.
  •  Recruit adequate Adult Volunteers from your Pack. Our goal is to have a 5:1 Scout/Adult ratio…so for every 5 scouts your den registers, we ask you recruit 1 adult volunteer (1 weeklong volunteer or the equivalent). Dens at Day Camp are typically between 8-12 Cubs. Packs sending smaller groups will likely be combined with another Pack. Packs that provide a week long Den Leader and a weeklong Assistant Den Leader have the best chance of keeping their cubs together at camp. The week long assistant den leader position can be split between several people.
 Encourage your pack families to register as soon as possible. Registration for all scouts begins December 1, 2023 and ends on March 1, 2024


Preferred Den Assignment Sheets need to be turned in for each rank by March 10th:
 All registrations should be turned into the registrar through YOU. That way, you know who is coming to camp from your pack. Compile registrants and volunteers onto the Preferred Den Assignment sheet provided. Each rank should be listed on a separate sheet. Some packs have lots of people who want to be den leaders. Since you know your parents better than we do, we are relying on you to tell us who you prefer to put in this role. Please designate the den leader and assistants on the Preferred Den Assignment sheets as applicable.
 Turn in: completed Preferred Den Assignment Sheets by March 10th via email (harfordcubdaycamp@gmail.com) or mail to the Day Camp director, Haidee. Turn in the Den Assignment Sheet on time even if you haven't yet collected all the health forms.
Collect the following from each registrant and return all forms to Day Camp Registrar by May 1st:
 Completed Medical Forms. Please check the forms to ensure legibility if handwritten. Please verify that it is signed. All participants and volunteers (youth and adult) must submit a BSA Health History form (parts A&B). Scouts and Tag-A-Longs additionally must complete the Cub Scout Supplemental Medical Form. Youth Volunteers in addition must submit a Youth Volunteer Supplemental Medical Form.
 1 recent photo of each Scout and Tag-A-Long. Ensure that name, Pack number, height, weight, hair color, and eye color is clearly marked on the back of each photo. Please attach the photo to the box located on the Cub Scout Supplemental Form. Pictures will be destroyed upon completion of camp along with health forms.
 Copies of medical certifications (i.e. - CPR, Nursing License, etc.) from Adult Volunteers were applicable.
 Copies of Youth Protection training certificates from adult volunteers were applicable.

 Tag-A-Longs must be 4 years old as of June 1, 2024 and must be potty trained.
 Tag-A-Longs are only permitted to come to camp on days when their Adult is volunteering onsite. Please verify that Adult Volunteer and Tag-A-Longs days match. The online registration system is not capable of verifying the dates.
 Cubs must be entering 1st grade in the fall of 2023 in order to attend Day Camp as Tigers. Tigers must have an adult volunteer onsite all week. Completion of BSA enrollment form is required and should be turned in to Andrew Lupus along with all other registration paperwork. BSA forms will be available on the Harford Day Camp Website under the Forms Tab or through the packs and the Baltimore Area Council.
A discount of $5 is earned for each adult volunteer day. The Adult Volunteer must sign up at the same time as the scout in order to receive this discount. There is no discount earned for youth volunteers. Adults who did not fulfill their volunteer commitment previously, will not be eligible to volunteer at camp.
 All first time youth volunteers must obtain a recommendation from their Troop Leader or Teacher (if not a scout). The form can be downloaded during the registration process. The completed form should be turned in along with your other paperwork.
 Week long Scouts and Tag-A-Longs will receive 2 t-shirts. Tag-A-Longs attending less than 5 days, youth volunteers, and 5 day adult volunteers receive 1 t-shirt. Other volunteers (and those wanting an additional shirt) can purchase a shirt for $10 each.
 Use the "notes" section of the Preferred Den Assignment sheet to let us know special requests (i.e. boys that want to be in the same den, adults that have special skills or who are requesting specific assignments)
 If there are any concerns or problems, no matter how small they may seem, please let us know.

​​Need help or have questions?
" Haidee, Day Camp Director, harfordcubdaycamp@.gmail.com
All registration paperwork must be turned in to Haidee by May 1st!
Thank You!